At a time when accessibility in apps and websites matters more than ever, Evinced is a new debugging tool that helps developers achieve just that.

Capital One evidences Evinced

In a case study, Capital One explains how it (like Apple) has prioritized digital accessibility for years.

It found it required a testing solution suitable to meet the challenges of our current world of dynamic, JavaScript-heavy web and mobile apps as well as websites. Existing website accessibilit- checking tools aren’t necessarily good at analyzing apps, which is why Capital One worked with Evinced.

The bank also wanted a solution that could accelerate the journey from development to product release. Capital One claims Evinced helped identify 10 times as many accessibility issues as were found using its previous testing methods — in a fraction of the time (hours, not days). These included keyboard and screen reader issues.

“With the ability to automate testing of code repositories at scale, on demand, and before release we can create a snapshot at any given moment of the accessibility issues in dev and quality assurance environments all over the company,” the case study said.

Evinced recently announced $17 million in Series A funding in a round co-led by BGV and Capital One Ventures.

Why it matters

There are plenty of reasons enterprise developers should prioritize accessibility in their apps. Not only is doing so the right thing to do, but accessible websites gain better SEO rankings, which usually equates to more customer loyalty and revenue. The same logic applies to web and mobile apps. 

There’s also the benefit that accessibility technologies will form part of the foundations for future voice-first and gesture-based computing models as these emerge and evolve across the next few years.

Consider mobile search in Siri, in which local results are presented — even the smallest business needs to ensure it scores as highly as possible when it comes to such searches; accessibility may help with this.

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